Refiner's Fire Editing

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Contractual Process

YOU: Query me via the Client Intake Form with your project, genre, and an approximate (round to the nearest thousand) word count.

ME: I will respond to discuss your project if I have further questions or anything that needs clarification. If I feel that I may be able to handle your project ... 

YOU: Send me the first five full (double-spaced, twelve point font, Times New Roman, one-inch margins on all sides) pages of your project as an attachment (saved as a Microsoft Word document).

ME: I will provide a complimentary evaluation of those first five (full) pages. The evaluation will give me an approximate idea (a) which edits and/or proofreads your work would most benefit from; (b) how long it would take me to complete the edit in total; and (c) how much the edit(s) would cost you. You will receive your five pages back with comments (in the style of a content edit) and line-by-line editorial marks, as well as one typed page (minimum) of general feedback.

YOU: Take time to read through my notes, comments, and feedback, as well as my estimates for time frames and costs. You have options. If the cost is too great, I accept payments for a chapter or section of your project at a time; or I can provide an edit or proofread for a portion of your manuscript instead of the entire thing. If the time frame is too extensive, I sometimes have flexibility in my schedule to rearrange. If you decide that you like my style of editing and giving feedback and that you want to contract with me ...

ME: I will fill out and email you (as an attachment) my contract for the project.

YOU: Read through the contract for accuracy. Sign and date the final page. Then, either snail-mail me that final signed page, or scan it into your computer and email it to me as an attachment (a PDF document is fine).

ME: I will add my signature to the contract and email you a copy for your records.

YOU: Send the agreed-upon payment (whether full or partial) via one of the methods listed in the Payment Options tab above.

**Please note: I do not begin work on a manuscript or project until payment has cleared.**

ME: I will let you know when your payment has cleared.

YOU: Email (or snail-mail, if you prefer) me the agreed-upon portion of your manuscript (either complete or partial, depending on what we've discussed and arranged). Ensure that the manuscript is double-spaced, twelve-point Times New Roman font, with one-inch margins on all sides.

ME: I will confirm receipt of the manuscript (or portion thereof) and get immediately to work. I track the minutes and hours I spend editing with great care to ensure that you are paying the least amount possible for the best work I can give you.

In the end, you will receive the manuscript with its edits and/or comments, as well as a style guide and a minimum of one page, single-spaced, of general feedback discussing or defining specific edits or feedback points, with suggestions and further ideas.