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Q & A

Q: Why do you charge per hour? Most editors I've researched or met charge per word or per page.

A: Each editor has different methods, both in the actual editing process and in the business side of the equation. What works for one editor may or may not work for another editor. Similarly, what works for one client may or may not work for another.

I offer my services on a per-hour basis rather than a per-word or per-page basis. That decision enables me to provide my clients with my best abilities in the shortest time frame I can offer.

Look at it this way. Not every author or poet has experience with the editorial process. If you do, and you've already gone through your 80,000-word manuscript and done a lot of revision and proofreading, your manuscript might take me eight hours for a final line-by-line and proofread. Otherwise, if my services were on a per-word or per-page basis, even though you had already done extensive edits yourself, I would have to charge you the full price of the entire manuscript.

Fees per hour save you time and money. You get your manuscript or project back in a more timely basis, and it will cost you less than it might otherwise.


Q: What happens if I pay you for ten hours of work and you finish editing my project in eight hours?

A: You'll have two options. I'm happy to refund the two hours' worth of funds back to you, or I can keep the funds as a "down payment" on a future edit for another project or on a re-edit of the current project.


Q: What happens if I pay you for ten hours of work to edit the complete manuscript, and you only finish editing half of the manuscript in ten hours?

A: Again, you have options. You're welcome to make another payment to cover the rest of the manuscript; I'll wait until the payment clears and then resume editing. Or you can accept the manuscript partially edited and work through the rest of it yourself to apply the editorial changes and comments I've made in the first portion.


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