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Services: Typing and Data Entry

Your clients filled out the requisite paperwork, and now you need it accessible online or electronically.

You've got a million phone numbers, mailing addresses, or email addresses (or all three) to incorporate into a streamlined document for easy future reference.

Or you prefer to work with a notebook and a pen or pencil when you write, instead of on a computer, and you'd like to see your work typed up for public consideration.

Whatever the reason, I am qualified to help you fulfill your typing or data entry needs.



I routinely and consistently type 200+ words per minute (WPM) with one hundred percent (100%) accuracy, which makes me a tremendous asset to your project.

For a one-time, up-front flat fee, I'm happy to type up whatever project you have in mind or underway. I even include a basic proofread (correcting misspellings and handwritten "typos") as I go. That flat fee is based on total word count in the project, for your convenience.

Get in touch for more information or a price sheet via the Contact form.


Data Entry

My experience as a typist and with the keypad means that I'm able to tackle almost any data entry project. (I haven't been stumped so far!)

Perhaps you have a long list of phone numbers or pages of handwritten contact information or forms from which you need information gleaned and added to an Excel spreadsheet. If typing isn't your thing, or you have other tasks to do than that, let me help.

I'll provide you data entry service for your project for a one-time, up-front flat fee, based on the total number of pages to be entered, or for an hourly fee if the data lends itself more reasonably to that format.

For a price sheet or more information, don't hesitate to Contact me.